So Google buys Android in 2006 to clone the then popular Blackberry. Reason being they wanted control on mobile platforms, so that their services were not side tracked.

They quickly re-align strategy to copy iPhone instead by 2008. By 2012, they have spent more than 10 billion buying Motorola to have a patent portfolio and develop Android, still giving it away for free in *hope* of future profits.

Today, Android is great. But the two companies with a majority of the smartphone market are Apple and Samsung.

Samsung day-by-day threatens a move to another platform, or fork Android (like Kindle) with it’s own default apps, and a store for media and apps.

Apple on the other hand is still the platform where Google makes most of its money with advertising from the default search, in-game advertising, and dedicated native apps for most of its services.

So how did Android help Google?

Hell with you Google, you have no focus. What do you even intend to do.