This time at MetaRefresh 2014, I gave a small 3min flash talk about a little project of mine. MetaRefresh is a conference for user interfaces on the web. It’s a yearly event in Bangalore.

Front-end engineers are in a position of power today. Node.js, browser-side frameworks like Angular/React, back-end services like Pusher/Parse/Firebase and mobile app platforms like PhoneGap - basically mean that a front-end engineer can build an entire app, make it realtime and also make it work on all mobile devices. This is insane!

Head over to my little talk on Youtube.

“I wonder if we haven’t become so numbed by all these numbers that we are no longer capable of truly assimilating any knowledge which might result from them.”
— Bill James

Artistic sense: Being able to look at your own work as someone else.

My first Exposure post. Never been so psyched about putting something up on the internet.

Insanely great.

“When the numbers acquire the significance of language, they acquire the power to do all of the thing which language can do: to become fiction and drama and poetry.”
— Bill James
“I learned to write because I am one of those people who somehow cannot manage the common communications of smiles and gestures, but must use words to get across things that other people would never need to say.”
— Bill James

Made With Paper

I attended JSFoo 2013, a Javascript conference in Bangalore and in a turn of events, gave a small 5 minute flash talk with my friend Chetan.

Today in a world of web-apps, everything runs in the browser, but that means that the web-app itself needs to load every time you access the site. How about the server render it the first time so that you can see the content straight-away?

Head on to Youtube Link. We are at the 6min 35sec spot.

They don’t realize how independent they can be. When you’re a child, your parents tell you what you’re supposed to do. Then, you’re in school, and you’re part of this institution that tells you what to do. Then, you go work for some company, and the company tells you what to do. So people come in like baby birds in the nest and open their mouths, as if they’re expecting us to drop food in. We have to tell them, “We’re not your bosses. You’re in charge now.” Some of them are freaked out by that. Some people are meant to be employees. Other people discover they have wings and start flapping them. There’s nothing like being thrown off a cliff to make you discover that you have wings.

- Paul Graham